The latest timetables are available for download. The numbers shown below is the latest date was last updated.

NOTE: Starting in July 2022, there will be major updates in the timetables for service changes and upgrades. The available PDF timetables will be released in early June 2022.







System Maps:


If you want, you can also download the official Amtrak app where you can find schedules, purchase train tickets, check train status in real time and all others right in the Amtrak app. 


If you have issues, please call Amtrak directly at 1.800.872.7245, at any time and make sure say “Agent” several times to get a live person. If the long hold takes too long, you will be given a optional for callback request.

if you are current Amtrak Guest Rewards, you can call them at 1-800-307-5000. If your status showing either Select, Select+ or Select Executive, you will be given a special priority number where you will be put in first of the call queue line. To get the number, look in your account or mail was sent to you from Amtrak AGR team.