Frequently Asked Questions


What is this site about?
This site is about finding the latest timetables that you need to know for your future travel in easy way with easy to remember domain name.


Why this site was created and what it’ll benefit for the community?
The easy way to say, simple domain name says it all.


How I will know there is the latest updates?
Check the “What’s New” page that has the latest announcements.


Does this site being sponsored by anyone?
This site is not sponsored or paid by anyone, I operate the site out of my pocket money and provide the benefit for people who need information faster.


if I have suggestions, comments or want to say hi, how I can reach you?
You can send us a email to: 


Does this site run/operated by Amtrak?
No, this site is NOT operated or affiliated with Amtrak or National Railroad Passenger Corporation or any other corporation.


If I have questions about Amtrak reservation, Guest Rewards or anything in related, what is their contact information?

Reservations & Customer Service
1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245)   Opens 24/7 (Due to COVID, waiting time is now over 2 hours)
TTY 1-800-523-6590

International Visitors

Group Travel Requests

Amtrak Guest Rewards
1-800-307-5000    8AM – 8PM 7x Days a week

Amtrak Guest Rewards
PO Box 14368
Philadelphia, PA 19115

Fax 1: 215-856-7708
Fax 2: 951-789-7898

Amtrak Vacations