Howdy! Welcome to my page, AmtrakTimeTables.com!

I’m Josh! I travel lot by train, bus, planes and other mode of public transportation wherever they provide to the public. For past 10+ years, I’ve been travelling in Amtrak and logged over 9,000 miles on it and I also travel lot on Greyhound Bus in the past so I pretty much travel lot. I most travel on Empire Service, Lake Shored Limited, Northeast Regionals, Keystone, Silver Star and Silver Meteor and once in while I ride City of New Orleans route. Things will get more interesting in 2022 when I will start travel out to the west coast.

This site was created when we were in the pandemic and I realized that Amtrak removed the PDF schedules that everyone has been ranting about and there was no solution. That is when I decided to create a website with easy to remember domain name site, afterwards everything is history.

I hope you will enjoy my site and I’ll write my travel reviews, provide all online resources you need to prepare for your next Amtrak trip and hope you will enjoy yours!

If you would like to reach me out, I would love to hear from you by email me at

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This was my first trip on Amtrak Silver Meteor #97 Roomette (Sleeper room) from New York City to Miami in 2001.